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Students Celebrate Healthy Snack Day
Posted 9/25/18



Lawndale Elementary School District’s Champions for Change team is focused on the health and well-being of our students, families and community. With support from school administration, parents and staff, Champions for Change held events to celebrate Healthy Snack Day with students at all elementary schools in the district. Healthy Snack Day is an event created by the California Department of Public Health to raise awareness around healthy snacks as easy, inexpensive and delicious choices - especially now that we’re all back to school.


Students enjoyed taste tests of sweet and juicy California grown watermelon during recess on the second day of school. They also chose and took home cute stickers of fruits, veggies, water bottles and play equipment. All in all, the students loved celebrating Healthy Snack Day and asked when the next one would be. Thankfully, they don’t have to wait long - LESD’s Food Services Department and their in-house Champions for Change team have a Harvest of the Month Program. Taste tests of fresh, California grown fruits and veggies take place at all schools on a monthly basis.


In addition to efforts focused on students, parents and staff received messages in English and Spanish through the LESD app, Facebook and Twitter about Healthy Snack Day. The messages promoted healthy snacks and included a link to a Personal Recipe Finder with a range of snack options. You can find new ideas for yummy snacks here.


Lawndale Elementary School District is committed to supporting the happiness and success of all our students. We acknowledge that the health of our students and families is vitally important. We work to support student health in all its’ aspects through our in house Champions for Change team, Garden Program, District Wellness Policy, dietician run Food Services Department, and Student Support Services Department. A healthy child is a happy child who is ready to learn and succeed.


Healthy Snack Day